I am Eugen Pal and along with my wife Mariana and our children Ana and Horia we want to introduce you the rest of our family members, the Romanian Shepherd dogs of the IARO kennel.

I have always loved dogs. The first dog that I remember is Cazacu. He belonged to my grandfather, Silvestru Sindilariu from Campulung Moldovenesc city.


     My friend, the one that influenced my childhood and adolescence, my hiking companion through Dorna mountains, was Hans, an extraordinary German Shepherd, a gift from my uncle, Stefan Sindilariu.  

     In 1988 at a Dog Show in Baia Mare city, I was deeply touched by the beauty and impressive appearance of a couple of Romanian Mioritic Shepherd dogs. These two male and female dogs were the property of Eugen Dramiceanu, from Cluj Napoca city. As my interest in these beautiful dogs grew, I decided to find out more about this wonderful breed. I travelled a lot and I visited most of the dog shows. This gave me the opportunity to meet with the representative Romanian dog breeders at that time: Gheorghe Cretu from Radauti, Ilie Lupu from Sibiu, Mihai Neica from Bacau, Dorin Ghiuta from Gura Humorului, Nicolae Carmaci from Radauti, Ionut Pastrav from Suceava, Adrian Bere from Timisoara. From Ilie Lupu I bought my first Mioritic Shepherd female Madona of Greycib. In addition to this I received from Mr, Mihai Neica another exceptional female of the same breed which I named IARO Fraga which became the very first dog of the IARO kennel in the year 2000. I am forever thankful to Mr. Mihai Neica for his generous gift, and all his support in building the IARO kennel.

       I began breeding the Romanian Shepherd of Bucovina in the mid nineties, inspired by Novac, a wonderful male of this breed that I bought from Valerian Dohotari, from Badeuti. Impressed by Novac I purchased a male named Gorbi de Varancha. This male was raised in the geographical area of Romania called Vrancea, by Aurel Giurgea and Stroe Macovei. I first saw him when he was 18 months old in Dorin Ghiuta's backyard and shortly after that I bought him from Cristi Beleca from Gura Humorului.

These are the beginnings of IARO kennel. What happened next and how we developed you can see for yourself by browsing through our site. Thank you for taking the time so see us.


Eugen Pal